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New animation and website!

2015-02-25 07:42:36 by Carr77

Big update! I made a new animation and a website! I haven't uploaded anything like that here on NG for sooo long. I got inspired by some old Modesty Blaise comics, and after seeing Sin City 2 I decided to make this:

It took so long time to make that one! A little comment from you would really make my day :D 

I also have a new website! I made it from scratch! I'd love to hear what you think about it as well :3

See ya! ;)

I'm really digging the vintage comic book-style. Especially Modesty Blaise. It looks quite cool to just work with black and white, so I tried it myself, and this is the result:

What do you think? Please leave a comment, and I promise I'll read and reply ;)

Yep, I made some (at least according to me) awesome vintage comic book art. I'm quite new to the style, but I think it looks quite good anyway. I rarely get any comments on my art though, so it's pretty hard for me to know for sure. I'd love it if you left a little something in the comment sections over there, so I know what others think about the two art pieces.

Here's the stuff:

Well, where have I been? I haven't uploaded an animation for long. Why? Well, my skills in animating are better now than before, so I've actually done some TV-stuff for a while. It's a Swedish TV-program teaching English, produced by the Swedish government. It isn't released yet, so I can't show anything yet.

Anyway, right now I'm learning mostly. I'll probably find, or make, a big project soon. What that is I'm not yet sure of. We'll see. You might soon see some art popping up, and perhaps an animation if you're lucky. I don't know in what direction I'll go from here. I guess only time will tell...

Won my first daily first!

2012-11-04 04:46:42 by Carr77

The first award I've ever won was with the animation "1 Take 1 Loop". Now I made a sequel!

And with "1 Take 1 Loop 2" I won my first daily first ever! :D
I'm quite super happy now :3

EDIT: Got front paged too :D

Won my first daily first!

Well, I have tried to get to the front page for many years, without any success :(
Then I released the short flash animation "Nosophants". Afterwards it was midsummer, so I went away for a few
days to celebrate. When I came back I looked at the front page and... I didn't see my animation there D:
"Not this time either" I though and looked if I had any new comments on "Nosophants" anyway.

To my surprise I had twice as much comments and views. "Wow, nice" I thought. I didn't suspect anything yet.
Then I read JerrodStorm's comment. It started with this sentence:
"Congrats on the front page, man!"

I went directly to the front page and pressed the "past features" button. And there they were... my little nosophants...

I got front paged for the first time!

New animation is out!

2012-06-12 09:42:44 by Carr77

I made an animation to train my lip sync skills a little :D
I also used line tool instead of brush tool this time.

The movie is about a problem I'm having. When I'm on a restaurant and asks
for a coca-cola they're giving me a Pepsi instead.
This is no problem, I love Pepsi, but they should have told me D:
Some people do care, you know?

So... what do you think about the animation? ;)
It would make my day if you left a comment there :D

New animation is out!

My first award!

2012-01-04 10:53:19 by Carr77

Hello all tanks out there!
Today is a special day (for me)! I won my first NG award (yaaay)! I won daily 4th for my animation 1 TAKE 1 LOOP :)
It started out as a thing I made for the 60 frame collab 3, but then I couldn't stop animating, and it grew into a full animation. I did not have any plans 'bout what I should animate, so what you will see in the animation will be directly from my imagination. A little peek into my mind ;)

I learned FBF (frame by frame) animation while I made this loop, so in the beginning, it will not be good animated. But during the animation, I am getting better and better at FBF, so the animation will be cooler, and cooler animated B^)

I hope you like 1 Take 1 Loop! I want to say thanks, to all the tanks that watched'N'voted on it!

P.S. 60 Frame Collab is still accepting parts, so you could just go ahead and make a part if you have some free time :)

My first award!

A song about The Internet!

2011-12-08 17:17:45 by Carr77

Hello, people!
I made a nice little experimentall song about The Internet!
Please, rate and comment ;) /459857

My Halloween 2011 animation!

2011-10-27 10:56:06 by Carr77

I made an animation for the Halloween 2011 contest!
Please check it out ;)


2011-01-16 13:14:38 by Carr77

Maybe my next thing is a song.... or soundtrack or whateva.
Made a bad lil thing.... maybe it will pop up on Newgrounds... maybe not.... who knows?