Entry #12

New animation and website!

2015-02-25 07:42:36 by Carr77

Big update! I made a new animation and a website! I haven't uploaded anything like that here on NG for sooo long. I got inspired by some old Modesty Blaise comics, and after seeing Sin City 2 I decided to make this:

It took so long time to make that one! A little comment from you would really make my day :D 

I also have a new website! I made it from scratch! I'd love to hear what you think about it as well :3


See ya! ;)


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2015-02-26 19:41:58

Maybe add a little more info about yourself on your portfolio/website. It can only help. At the moment I can't really tell what you do exactly.

Good luck in your future ventures!

Carr77 responds:

Hmm... Good idea! I might add more info in the "about"-page in the future. :)